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Fly Trap 2-Pack - Non-Toxic, Easy-to-Use Outdoor Solution

Get Rid of Pesky Flies with Flies Be Gone Fly Trap - Made in USA, Non-Toxic and Natural Bait Trap for Patios and Ranches - Keep Your Home Fly-Free with Easy-to-Use Outdoor Fly Traps (2 Pack)

- Effective: The Flies Be Gone Fly Trap is a highly effective solution for catching flies. It is designed to trap flies before they enter your home, keeping your indoor spaces free from these pesky insects. With its natural bait and sticky surface, it can catch a large number of flies in a short period.
- Made in the USA: The Flies Be Gone Fly Trap is proudly made in the USA, ensuring high-quality materials and craftsmanship. This means that you can trust the product to work as advertised and last for a long time, makin

The Flies Be Gone Fly Trap is a must-have for anyone who is tired of dealing with pesky flies on their patio or ranch. Made in the USA, this disposable fly catcher is non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets. The natural bait inside the trap lures flies in and keeps them from bothering you while you enjoy your outdoor space. These easy-to-use outdoor fly traps are a hassle-free solution to fly problems, and they come in a convenient 2-pack. With the Flies Be Gone Fly Trap, you can keep flies from coming indoors and enjoy a fly-free environment all summer long. Say goodbye to annoying flies and hello to a more enjoyable outdoor experience with the Flies Be Gone Fly Trap.