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How to Use Sticky Traps to Catch Phorid Flies

Say Goodbye to Phorid Flies with Sticky Traps: A Step-by-Step Guide

Phorid flies can be a nuisance in homes and businesses. They are small, fast, and difficult to catch with traditional fly swatters. One effective method for trapping phorid flies is by using sticky traps. Sticky traps are easy to use and can be purchased at most hardware and pest control stores. Here are the steps for using sticky traps to catch phorid flies:

Step 1: Identify the areas where phorid flies are present. Phorid flies are often found near drains, garbage cans, and other areas where organic matter is present. Look for signs of phorid fly activity, such as small flies buzzing around these areas.

Step 2: Choose the right type of sticky trap. There are several types of sticky traps available, including yellow sticky traps and glue traps. Yellow sticky traps are effective for catching phorid flies because they are attracted to the color yellow. Glue traps are also effective but may not be as visually appealing.

Step 3: Place the sticky traps in strategic locations. Place the traps near areas where phorid flies are present, such as near drains or garbage cans. It is important to place the traps in areas where they will not be disturbed by people or pets.

Step 4: Monitor the traps regularly. Check the traps daily to see if any phorid flies have been caught. If the traps are full, dispose of them and replace them with new ones.

Step 5: Take preventative measures to reduce phorid fly populations. In addition to using sticky traps, it is important to take preventative measures to reduce the number of phorid flies in your home or business. This can include regularly cleaning drains and garbage cans, disposing of organic matter properly, and sealing cracks and crevices where phorid flies may enter.

By following these steps, you can effectively use sticky traps to catch phorid flies and reduce their populations in your home or business.

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