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Blue Sticky Insect Trap for Indoor Use

Say Goodbye to Pesky Insects with FVOAI Fly Trap Indoor - The Ultimate Fruit Fly Catcher and Mosquito Killer with Sticky Glue Boards!

- Safe and non-toxic: Unlike other insect control methods, such as insecticides or pesticides, the FVOAI Fly Trap Indoor is safe and non-toxic. It does not emit harmful chemicals or fumes, making it safe for use around children and pets.
- Stylish design: The blue color and sleek design of the FVOAI Fly Trap Indoor make it a stylish addition to any home. It can be placed discreetly on a countertop or table, and its compact size makes it easy to store when not in use.

The FVOAI Fly Trap Indoor is an effective solution to get rid of fruit flies and mosquitoes that invade your home. This insect trap comes with sticky glue boards that catch and trap the insects, preventing them from flying away. The blue color of this trap attracts the flies and mosquitoes, making it easier to catch them. It is a safe and non-toxic way to get rid of these pesky insects without using harmful chemicals. The compact size of this trap makes it easy to place in any room of your home, and it is easy to clean and maintain. With the FVOAI Fly Trap Indoor, you can enjoy a bug-free home without any hassle.