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VEYOFLY Indoor Flying Insect Trap

Say Goodbye to Pesky Insects with VEYOFLY Flying Insect Trap - The Ultimate Solution for a Safer and More Comfortable Home!

- Easy to use and maintain: The trap is easy to set up and use, and requires minimal maintenance. Simply plug it in and let it do its job. The glue board can be easily replaced when full, ensuring continued effectiveness.
- Versatile: The VEYOFLY Flying Insect Trap can be used in a variety of indoor settings, such as homes, offices, and restaurants, making it a versatile solution for indoor insect control. It is also compact and discreet, making it easy to place in any room without being obtrusive.

VEYOFLY Flying Insect Trap is an innovative and effective solution to keep your indoor space free from pesky insects. With its advanced technology, this insect catcher attracts and traps flying insects such as fruit flies, mosquitoes, and moths using its sticky glue. The device is designed to be safe for home use, making it a great option for families with children and pets. The VF02 model comes with one device that can cover up to 500 square feet of space. The trap is easy to use and maintain, making it a convenient option for those looking for an efficient and hassle-free solution to their insect problems. With VEYOFLY Flying Insect Trap, you can enjoy a safer and more comfortable indoor environment without the annoyance of flying insects.